I Can't Help It - I'm a Numbers Geek!!

Back in high school, I was a star member of the Chess Team, not the Football Team. We didn't get much of a crowd at our meets, the cheerleaders didn't show, and if even your mom came you felt fortunate (mine often did!!). Didn't help the social life much either as us nerds weren't generally at the top of the social ladder. Still, in the end brains are a plus, even if it didn't always feel that way in high school...

Today, things have changed somewhat. I still like numbers and patterns and graphs and enjoy researching trends and that DOES pay off. The reason I have had a great deal of success with foreclosures is that I saw this mess coming. Now, I think I can see a real recovery beginning but I've thought that I saw improvement coming before. This time it doesnt appear to be the result of our government's intervention and hopefully this time it will persist. If you look at the first four months of this year, you can see that we have enjoyed double digit percentage growth during every month so far in 2012. In fact, through April, residential unit sales as reported by our Great Smoky Mountain Association of Realtors have increased by over 36% when compared to last year. While that doesn't surpass the heady numbers for the same months in 2007, it does easily best any year since then. I'm not saying that we will return to the incredible volumes that we saw in 2005-2007 anytime soon, but we are doing so much better than during the bleak 2006-2011 period. Here's the latest table:


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