Pardon our Dust - Website Upgrade in Process!

Like a friendly hotel that has a truly great location and a wonderful staff, but needs a little sprucing up, I recently had to admit that our website, though it continued to work very well, finally needed an upgrade. When it was first created well over 10 years ago, it was certainly the state of the art, but time and a reluctance on my part to "fix something that wasn't broken" gradually took their toll. Like the great but now aging hotel property example cited above, newer websites offering useful functions to viewers continually closed the gap until we were actually trailing some of our competitors in terms of what we were offering online. This is something that I simply couldn't abide any longer...

Beginning last week, our real estate search functions were upgraded dramatically and more improvements are coming soon. You can now view ALL of the photos that are available for every listing in our Great Smoky Mountains Association of Realtors MLS database. Also, new listings are now added to the website every day so that you are always looking at the best, most current information. Furthermore, our new search function has a map based option and allows you to store listings that are of interest. Although I sort of miss the simplicity of our original site, the new functions are good and with just a little effort, more up to date and more complete information is available to our viewers.

As always, we don't require you to register with our site (unless you want to save your search, or your favorite listings, or create a notifier of matching listings). We believe that you will come to us when you are ready to work with a professional real estate agent. We also promise to work at your pace - It's just not our style to rush people. When the transaction is completed, we desire not only to have a customer but also to have a new friend. Watch for more upgrades coming soon but rest assured - Our commitment to professional and friendly real estate services is unchanged. We're just spiffing up a great property to make sure that it remains the best option that you have to view properties and information about our Gatlinburg area real estate market here in the Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee.


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