Winning Streak Intact and More Good News to Come!

After being actively involved in Smoky Mountain real estate for 17 years I've come to really appreciate the vitality that our Gatlinburg area real estate market consistently shows. Yes, there was that really bleak period during November of 2008 when I thought that we might not be able to keep the doors open but other than that I have never been concerned about the opportunity to make a good living selling Sevier County real estate.

Our market continues to rebound from the last few slow years and for the sixth month in a row, members of the Great Smoky Mountain Association of Realtors have once again posted soundly better numbers than we have seen for the last several years. In fact, EVERY month of 2012 has so far been the best month when compared to the same period in previous years all the way back to 2007 which was prior to the bubble bursting and the near total collapse of the market in 2008. As a board, we aren't about to challenge the amazing numbers posted during 2005-2007 "Build It and They Will Come" years but we are closer to those remarkable results than we have been in any year since. Here is the flash report for June 2012 for your review:
Preliminary Sales as Reported at the End of the Last Business Day of the Month
What's the more good news to come you ask? As always, one must remember that the final results will be significantly better than these preliminary numbers. My own office hasn't posted all of our sales and we are pretty quick to get these reported. A better number will be available by Tuesday but actually the final results won't be in until about mid-way through July. My guess is that the official total sales for June will likely be 170-175 but we will just have to wait to be sure.

One thing is certain however. Unit volume always increases before prices do and we are finally beginning to see prices rise. If you have been waiting for the right time to get into Smoky Mountain real estate, it is beginning to become clear that now is in fact that opportunity. For more information regarding our Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge/Sevierville real estate market and the opportunities to invest or simply to find a great property to live in, please contact us!


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