Very Little Happiness Happens in the Hollows

Over the past several years, I have been blessed to have personally sold (with the help of the administrators on the Schoenfield Team) literally thousands of homes. Residential homes in the city, residences in the county, estates out in the country, and hundreds upon hundreds of cabins and chalets. Foreclosures and non-foreclosures, overnight rentals, condos, and even a few mobile homes. With sale prices from under $10,000 to properties that sold for over a million dollars the variety of properties is remarkable. With all of this variety, there really aren't many constants, but I have perceived a few.

One of the interesting patterns is that homes that are on any road that has the word "hollow" in the name have been without exception nothing to brag about. In fact, the reality is that all of the homes on hollows have been pretty much abysmal! Each one of the homes that I have listed on a street with the word hollow in the name has been a absolutely marginal property of very little value. This has happened to the degree that if we have a somewhat ugly home we will refer to it (whether it is on a hollow or not) as being a hollow - Code for coyote ugly. I'm sure that I will hear from some upset property owner of a fabulous home that happens to be located on a road with the word hollow in it but I just haven't encountered it. Take it from me - If you are searching for real estate in Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, Sevierville, Kodak, Seymour, Dandridge, or Cosby: Beware the Hollows!!


Slewis said…
No, No Jeff!!
Mathis Hollow in Cobbly Nob
Duck Hollow in Cobbly Nob

House sold, house built, both on "hollows"

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