We Now Offer Aerial Photography for Some of Our Listings!!

A dream I have had for a long time has been to provide aerial photographs of our Smoky Mountain real estate listings. Often, the topography of East Tennessee real estate makes getting a complete view of some properties impossible, at least from the ground. This is particularly true of some Gatlinburg, Chalet Village, and Pigeon Forge properties which have what would traditionally be termed the front of the home facing toward the mountain view but away from the road (which inconveniently enough has also been my only possible vantage point).

With many of these local area mountainside real estate properties, up until now my choice has been to climb high into a nearby tree or to use a VERY long telephoto lens from across the valley. Neither of these options has been particularly effective and in fact tree climbing can be quite dangerous for older and not-skinny folks like myself. All of this has changed with the newest tool that we have which allows me to now take unique aerial photos of some of our listings.

We recently obtained an excellent new listing of a wonderful home in Newport and as usual took lots of photos of the exterior (and interior) from our high quality but land based camera setup. Although the pictures were actually quite good, none of them fully displayed the property at its best. Here is the land based photo that I felt was the best:
While the above photo isn't bad, we can now do better. Using the same property, but on a different morning, here is an example of the photos that this new aerial camera can produce:
From about 50 feet above the ground, you can see most of the 4 acre property despite the fog from the nearby river!
From the air, I also got a very nice view of the home which much better shows its size & the very level land around it.
The early morning fog was a little frustrating but you get the idea. These pictures would have been completely impossible without a tall firetruck ladder or a helicopter because there are no large and climbable trees nearby. With a little more practice with our new tool (and a little less early morning fog) I believe that we can greatly improve the photos that we provide to effectively advertise our Smoky Mountain listings.

If you are looking for someone who will go to great lengths (and even heights!) to market your Smoky Mountain real estate, please contact us.


Unknown said…

Love the newest feature. A definite edge in your favor. Tell us what this secret tool is....Balloon....Personal mini-drone....trained falcon?
Thanks for asking! It would be REALLY cool if the new device was a falcon but alas, it isn't. The latest tool is in fact a trade secret but it wasn't cheap (guess that the falcon wouldn't be cheap either but at least I don't have to worry about those pesky talon injuries!). Won't work on all listings but is really awesome on some. More photos to come soon!!

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