The Team Approach is the ONLY Way!

I regularly mention my amazing real estate marketing team but thought that it was time to tell a little more about them. With approximately 200 sales in 2012, our group finished far and away number one in Sevier County, selling more Smoky Mountain real estate than any other team. That level of success can only be achieved with a hardworking and well organized team which I am blessed to have.

Giulia Luzzana (pronounced "Julia") manages all transactions from the date that a sale agreement is reached until the property successfully closes. Able to speak several languages fluently, Giulia also is a wiz at handling all of the paperwork that these transactions require.

Kayla Grantham manages all of our real estate listings, along with the marketing and data entry that every listing has. Furthermore, Kayla is responsible for providing feedback to all of our listing clients so that they are kept current with the status of their listed properties.

Mark Hays is one half of the Mark & Suzy sub-team responsible for working with almost all of the buyer inquiries that our advertising generates. With a combined 20 years in the business, Mark & Suzy do a fantastic job of working with clients and often produce life long friends at the same time. As if that isn't enough, Suzy Compton-Hays also handles our office accounting, making sure that vendors, employees, agents, and government agencies all get paid in a timely fashion. Suzy has worked with me for about 17 years which should provide her with some sort of medal at the very least!!

What do I do? That's a great question and I sometimes think that these folks could run the business without me flawlessly. I do oversee the team and make sure that we have the direction and coordination to reach our goals.

What does all of this mean to you? Simply better service than any single agent can possibly provide, no matter how committed or energetic they are. As a single agent the first year that I was in the business, I know this to be a fact. There simply aren't enough hours in the day to do it all alone. If you are looking for a great real estate experience when buying or selling Gatlinburg area real estate, please contact us!


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