When Marketing ANY Real Estate, the Right Picture is Crucial!

A client of ours who is relocating from West Palm Beach to live here in Sevier County, TN called this morning to update me as to his progress in this effort. He listed his FL house a couple of days ago with a Florida real estate agent who came very highly recommended but sadly the results since then have been anything but professional. Seemingly rushed, the agent hurried through the feature list options that his local MLS dictates, but the real crime is the primary photo that he took of the property. With no regard to the position in the sky of the sun relative to the front of the home, the resulting photo is very dark and doesn't show the property in a complementary light whatsoever.

Florida Drive By Shooting
Several years ago, I wrote in this space about a Sevierville Drive by Shooting. Don't be alarmed, this is my own nickname for some of the horrible photos that we see here taken by Gatlinburg area real estate agents. They simply lean out through their car window and without a moment's consideration pull the trigger on another poorly composed photograph. This is indeed crucial because that first front view exterior photo is what determines whether or not a potential buyer chooses to look further at a home or pass on it to instead consider a different property that is more aesthetically pleasing. Without an effective and attractive main photo, even the best priced real estate won't get the attention it deserves. In an oversupplied market like the one we are currently in here in East Tennessee, we need every buyer we can get. That is why we go to extremes to get the best photos possible, even if it requires being at the property at sunrise (which I do often)! Here is an example of thew way we take pictures:

Tennessee Sunrise Shooting
This listing of ours became a pending sale at only 15 days on the market, partially because of the quality of the photographs as well as a very effective marketing description. To have your Smoky Mountain property properly showcased and to get the best price possible, contact us.


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