Gatlinburg August Sales Hit 200 Units!

The feeling that we have had for some time now that the Gatlinburg area real estate market had bottomed out and was rebounding has been confirmed yet again with August's 200 residential units sold. Prices are starting to rebound too and there is little doubt that our market is headed upward. See for yourself:

This is not just a flash in the pan either! Year to date, the real estate agents in the Great Smoky Mountain Association of Realtors have sold 44 more homes than had been sold at this point last year. This really isn't a mystery either as most hard assets (gold, oil, other precious metals) as well as many consumer items have increased in price. Why shouldn't real estate???

There are still some great opportunities and our market is not yet in an undersupplied condition like many markets around the nation already are. Don't pay too much - Please contact us to own Smoky Mountain real estate before the market heats up any further!!


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