Gatlinburg Storybook Cottage - Stealth Listing

Once in a long while we have sellers who aren't ready or aren't able to actually list but do wish to sell their Gatlinburg real estate anyway. While this is quite a challenge for us, on rare occasions we do try to assist our clients by marketing these stealth listings (they don't show up on the MLS radar). The way that we do this is to utilize as many other methods to get the word out as possible.

This home is a perfect blend of old Gatlinburg charm now with all the comforts of a very modern home, making it a perfect Gatlinburg getaway. Local legend has it that the person who built this home in the early '30's was a young pastor. He traveled to one or more churches that he served in and his bride and children lived with him in a much smaller version of the home. Early on, it was VERY rustic indeed with only a spring (on the property) as a source for their water and a fireplace as the only heat source. Simple living in a great spot just outside of the town which was at that time known as White Oak Flats, later becoming Gatlinburg.

The home today is still charming but but is by no means any longer rustic. Owned by the current owners for 38 years, it has been completely redone with good sized rooms, two porches, and all the modern amenities that we have all come to expect and enjoy. You can view the additional photos below, or to learn much more about this great Gatlinburg getaway home, please click here.


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