You KNOW It's Snowing HARD When Your Dog Looks Like THIS...

Normally, we don't get a lot of snow in Sevier County. In fact, in our Smoky Mountain community we have frequently been through an entire winter with only very minimal snowfall. This was so often true a few years ago that our Ober Gatlinburg ski resort nearly failed, due to a lack of snow or even weather cold enough to effectively make snow. Not so this winter! Although we haven't even gotten to February, traditionally our snowiest month, we have already had several snowfalls this winter season and we are getting a lot more today. Although the unseasonably cold temperatures have already created a lot of headaches like frozen pipes and missed school days, there are some pretty funny consequences as well. Here are a few pieces of photographic evidence of today's snowfall:
The extra large stray snow flake that happened by while I took this picture early this morning caused the camera to focus on the snowflake rather than the posted door of the new foreclosure property in the background.

My sweet dog Jake appears to have a horrible case of dandruff but that is snow that accumulated after only a minute outside!
Our own backyard early in today's snowstorm.


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