June Sales Results (Finally!!)

Before July ends I thought I had better get something posted about June's Gatlinburg Area home sales. In a word, they were just fair, with a total of 179 sales posted as of today. Normally, we can count on several additional sales being posted but because it is already the middle of July I doubt that many more sales will be posted to June's total. While we may catch up with the 186 sales that were recorded a year ago I am in no way certain that we will. In fairness, the numbers from 2013 are pretty strong, the best since 2007 but we always want to see conditions improving. If we tie the total from a year ago it won't be a bad thing but we want more. As of today, we are about 25 sales below the total from this point a year ago. The phones have been ringing and many of our listings are seeing a good number of showings so hopefully the trend will improve. Here is the chart for those who like such things:


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