January Smoky Mountain Real Estate Sales Not Too Shabby

Although it would be wonderful to report a fabulous first month of 2015, the preliminary January numbers indicate that the month wasn't fabulous but won't be all that bad after all of the Smoky Mountain residential sales are reported in a couple of weeks. Typically, a month's final totals are 5-8 percent above the first numbers that I report. This is because it takes a while for all of the dust to settle and every agency to get all of their MLS records updated. With that in mind, I can be pretty optimistic (but not absolutely certain) that January 2015's sales tally will eventually exceed that of the same month last year, if only by a bit. Here are the very early numbers that are available as of tonight from our Great Smoky Mountains Association of Realtors MLS database:
While it will be close, my guess is that we will finish right about the same level as a year ago. Since January 2014 was the best January since 2007 (the end of the boom years), this Gatlinburg Realtor will take that level of performance!


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