Busy + Vacation = Failure to Post the Good News!

The good news is that my family enjoyed a much needed vacation and for the first time in my life we took a consecutive full two weeks off. The bad news is that I totally forgot about posting to this blog and didn't notice my error until now because we've been really busy since my return to work on Monday (also good news!!).

June was indeed an excellent month:
Four consecutive months of solid gains above pretty good numbers last year puts us 80 units ahead of 2014's strong results. July 2014 will be a very difficult month to surpass as it was the single best month in a good year but 2015 as a whole seems pretty solidly ahead of our pace last year which was the best since 2007. My hope is that we will surpass 2007 this year and that hasn't happened since the go-go market we had in 2005-2006. Gatlinburg area real estate is looking up indeed!!!


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