Best September Sales Tally in YEARS!!!

I usually advise readers not to put too much stock into the preliminary sales results as they are always revised upward. September 2015's count will too but there is no need to add more to the tally for this early result to exceed last year's September residential sales. We have been seeing lots of activity going forward too so it now looks like a certainty that 2015 will exceed 2007's total which hasn't been done since 2007. Although we are still nowhere near the stratospheric levels reached during the peak bubble years of 2005 and 2006, we are continually getting closer.
Prices are increasing from the bottom up, with the lower end of our market being the hottest. You just can't find a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home of any quality in Sevier County anymore for under $100,000. Don't be surprised if this increase in prices moves upward to higher priced homes. With sales volumes increasing at this pace we will very likely see further price appreciation throughout the market. Don't wait, it probably won't get easier to find a real bargain in Sevier County real estate!


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