Better Late Than Never!!

Because of multiple members of our family being hospitalized recently, I have been preoccupied for the past couple of weeks and not able to post to this blog. Things are now starting to settle down and hopefully I will be fully back at work on Monday. Despite my being idle for the past couple of weeks, my excellent team did close several transactions during April. In fact, April was an excellent month for Sevier County residential real estate as you can see from the table below:
If you consider that 2015 was the best year since all the way back to 2006, it is extremely impressive that year to date 2016 is almost 100 units above the tally from 2015. I expect that 2016, barring something really odd, will handily beat 2015 and we may even get back to the record setting levels of 2005, when the real estate bubble was fully inflated. Despite the upturn, most experts do not think that our market nationally is in bubble territory. In fact, some of the most astute market analysts feel just the opposite, as my friend Linda DeVlieg posted on her blog recently. If you aren't already a homeowner, it's time to get onboard!


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