Our Riverfront Log Home Has NONE of What You Don't Want!

Okay, the title is a little awkward but it really is true! The log cabin that we completely renovated and very recently put on the market is a really remarkable place but it is also very attractive because of what it doesn't have:
  1. Neighbors? Although a wonderful neighbor is a true blessing more often that not these days we don't know our neighbors and when we do all too often they can be a real pain. This house simply doesn't have them - There is not another home in sight regardless of the time of year or which direction you look. With 4 acres around you and the beautiful river below you simply don't have neighbors and that is a very good thing!
  2. HOA Fees? Nope, don't have those either. No HOA fees and no neighborhood maintenance fees. If you have ever gotten cross ways with a home owner association, you know what I am talking about. There is no association and there will never be one here. Another thing that this property proudly doesn't have!
  3. Restrictions? No again. If you are tired of someone telling you what you can and can't do with your land than this property is for you because it is totally unrestricted. As long as your planned use doesn't violate local, state, or federal law, you can do it here. With 3.96 private and pristine acres to work with, I'm sure you can think of something...
  4. Traffic? No way, we are out in the country. If you really want some traffic related frustration, you will have to drive 15 minutes to Pigeon Forge or about 25 minutes to downtown Gatlinburg. Both cities, and Sevierville too, have more than enough traffic issues to go around.
  5. High Taxes? No one more time! Tennessee has one of the most affordable tax structures anywhere in the nation. No state income tax, no local school tax, and no special assessments. We do have a pretty significant sales tax but 10 million+ visitors to the area pay these as well. Try that with any one of the taxes listed above that other communities impose!
  6. Inflated Asking Price? Not here. With 3.96 acres and over 280 feet on the river plus 3400 square feet of heated and cooled living space, you might think that this home would be priced near $400,000 but our asking price is only $300,000 or $330,000 if you want it fully & luxuriously furnished and equipped as a vacation rental or second home.

What does this home offer? Complete serenity with the white water river in clear view and very easily heard from either of the full (length of the home) covered decks. More photos & details about this fabulous owner/agent owned home are available by clicking here. Try me on this! Give me (Jeff) a call at 865.436.0444 or email me at jeff@gatlinburghomes.com and see if, like me, you don't love all of what this home doesn't have!


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