Buy Now, Enjoy Later, But Get Paid While You Wait!

In our current society, it is all too common that people want to enjoy now but not pay until later. Merchants, banks, and especially credit card and finance companies count on this human tendency. A MUCH better plan is to invest now and enjoy the fruits of your investment later and that is what a large number of Sevier County real estate purchasers are doing now.

We are adding the second property this week to our rental management program because a Smoky
Mountain real estate buyer who is planning to retire & move here in a few years has made the purchase of their retirement home now. This is for all of the following good reasons:

  • Mortgage loan rates are at near all time lows with fixed rate loans now at 3.5% with no buy down or extra origination fees.
  • Smoky Mountain real estate prices are still affordable, though they do appear to be headed up.
  • Our rental market is still red hot, with many more applicants than there are rental properties available.
  • Uncertainty about the future value of currency and the potential for runaway inflation.
All of these are good reasons to consider purchasing your retirement home now even if you aren't quite ready to retire just yet. We can easily deliver a 10% plus net return on your investment property and you can still get tax advantages as well. Ask our clients and they can tell you how well this works.


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