Misinformation Runs Rampant!

The damage from the Great Gatlinburg Fire of 2016 is still being counted but many Gatlinburg businesses are closed only because much of the city is still largely shuttered due to safety concerns. Fear and a anxious public have caused a lot of rumors to be spread and this is an attempt to counter those mistruths. Almost all of the Gatlinburg businesses on the parkway were spared (although some in the Baskin's Creek and Highway 321 areas certainly weren't). The following Gatlinburg area businesses have been incorrectly reported as destroyed or very seriously damaged but they had no or VERY limited damage and will reopen today or as soon as Gatlinburg is opened again to the public:

  • The Gatlinburg Ripley's Aquarium
  • The Park Vista Hotel
  • Black Bear Falls Resort
  • Pi Beta Phi Elementary

To my knowledge NO Pigeon Forge or Wears Valley businesses are closed. Although temporarily evacuated because the fires did get close, Dollywood and Dollywood's DreamMore Resort reopened only a couple of days after the fire.

There has been no looting or vandalism - That's just not Sevier County. We are open for business ourselves having setup a temporary location in Sevierville which will officially opened today. Gatlinburg will reopen very soon, and the rest of the community is already open for business!!


Anonymous said…
Your office sold us our place in Chalet Village. We were not able to get as much information and with very little access we drove on up there. The report is still in recovery mode with power lines and trees still be cleared. It was confirmed yesterday that our residence was destroyed. We love our mountain home and will rebuild when the time comes. Pigeon Forge is open for business! Folks don't be afraid to go and visit. They still need the commerce to move forward. We hoteled it and ate out over our short weekend visit. We were within viewing distance of the donation operations and it did our hearts good to see the good will of the people from all over. Keep praying for those were are out of their homes and jobs for the time being and be sure to do what you can to help out the area. God Bless us Everyone!
Thanks for your comment! We will be happy to help you find a great builder to recreate your home when you are ready. With 20 years of experience here in the Gatlinburg community we can help at any step along the way. We can assist with foundation analysis & if necessary removal, permitting, and construction. Just let us know!!
Anonymous said…
Thanks Jeff, we just turned in our claim to our agent. It will be some time before we start the process. With so many buildings down, the insurance companies will be working overtime. We are guessing a year before we get to a re build. We will definately need every service on your list! We will appreciate your direction in finding an experienced mountain property builder. We will still be coming up there as usual and will stay in our favorite hotel and stroll the city like we did before we got a place of our own!
The insurance adjusters are indeed working overtime, and so are the utility company workers and others too. Please don't hesitate to contact us for ANY assistance!

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