No Foolin, March Sales ROCK!!!

This is no April Fools joke, the pace of sales for Gatlinburg area residential real estate is smoking hot! As we always remind readers, the immediate tally of sales that is reported at the end of the month is understated by at least 5-10% compared to what will eventually be reported as it takes several days for all of the closings at the end of the month to be recorded. For March however, even this preliminary number is already well above all recent March's sales and we don't even have all the results reported yet. Our own office had some sales on Friday afternoon that weren't entered into the MLS until today.

The very strong performance is somewhat surprising, when you remember that over 2500 structures were destroyed in November's fires. Still, overall the number is up and the final tally will certainly be higher. Here is the table of results as of 4/1/2017:


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