Blue's Corner: Meet the Office Staff at All Pro!

Blue, the wonder dog, here to tell you all about our pawfect staff at All Pro Property Management Office! These three ladies are here Monday through Friday to answer your every real estate or self storage question and help assist you with your every need! I spend a lot of time with these three and I am very fond of them! I am pleased to introduce them to you!

Miss Kay (middle): Miss Kay is what she is called by many but to me she is Aunt Kay! Aunt Kay is my office buddy! Kay is the lady up front and center in the office! She is the very friendly face that visitors of the office see first and we are very lucky to have her! Miss Kay has many responsibilities including but not limited to: making sure our office is well stocked in every aspect, maintaining all things self storage related, and providing positive energy that radiates through our Sevierville real estate office on a daily basis!  She takes me outside and gives me all the attention a dog could ask for! I like to climb on her lap while she is working! She is a smart and hardworking employee whom we all adore! Thank you Miss Kay!

Miss Ruth (right): Miss Ruth is our rental property manager and the lady in charge of the office. Miss Ruth adds sass and ethusiasm to the group! She is normally the first of the three to arrive! She leaves at 4:59 every single day! She is a hard worker and the most popular as everyone always calls to talk to her on the phone! Her job duties include but are not limited to: creating leases and having them signed by tenants, managing every property under our real estate management services, managing the office as needed, and providing overall support to every member of our team! Miss Ruth is a gem and we are so lucky to have someone so intelligent and charismatic on our team! Thank you Miss Ruth!

Miss Sierra (left): Miss Sierra is the newest addition to our All Pro Property Management family! I get very excited when Miss Sierra arrives each morning because she smells like her dog which makes me one happy camper! I am hoping to one day meet the female dog who shares a home with Miss Sierra! However, I am told that she is not a fan of other pups so that could potentially be a problem for me! Miss Sierra is a real estate assistant and is in charge of paying the various bills that come our way! She never shares her food with me but other than that I do not see anything wrong with her and I am liking her thus far. We are lucky to have someone as witty and eager to please as Miss Sierra! Thank you Miss Sierra!


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