How Do I Mispell Thee, Let Me Count the Ways!

Just when I thought that I had seen all of the ways that our Gatlinburg community's name could be mangled, I found a new and inventive variation today.  For the record, here are all the ways that I have seen our Tennessee town's name mispelled:

Gatlenberg, Gatlenburg, Gatlinborg, Gattlenburg, Ober Gaitlinburg, Ober-Gatlinberg, Obergaitlinburg, Obergalinburt, Obergarlinburg, Obergartlinburg, Obergatilanburg, Obergatilinburg, Obergatlenburg, Obergatlinberg, Obergatlinburg, Obergatlinburge, Obergatlinburgh, Obergatlingburg, Obergattlinburg

While Pigeon Forge is pretty simple to spell, Sevierville is another story all together.  For the record, here a few of the incorrect options when attempting to spell Sevierville:

Seaverville, Severeville, Seavereville, Sivereville, Sevearville, etc...

I spell Sevierville (where my family lives actually) this way:


If you haven't visited Sevierville, you've missed a treat.  With some of the best shopping in the area and now lots of new restaurants, Sevierville is undoubtedly "moving on up!".


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