It's Cold This Morning in Gatlinburg!!

Rarely does it get this cold in Gatlinburg, and that's one of the many reasons why people enjoy living here so.  Our very mild climate, but with discernible seasons, is one of my favorites.  Only occasionally does it get very hot or cold here in the Smokies.  To be sure, there are every winter a few days (although more often in January or February) when temperatures will fall into the teens.  Still, our winters are for the most part mild and short lived except if you are talking about at the peak of Mt. LeConte where much more extreme conditions are frequently encountered.  Two feet of new snow and temperatures hovering around zero don't sound mild at all!  For a taste of what the current weather conditions are at the LeConte Lodge, check out this link.

Fortunately, the land at the top of Mt. LeConte, or the rest of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park will never (I hope!) be for sale.  The real estate around our Gatlinburg area offers great mountain views, riverfront locations, and much more and as a bonus the weather is a lot milder too.  No snow in the valley today and a relatively balmy forecast high of 33 today sounds oh so much nicer!!  If you are interested in finding the perfect cabin, home, land, or commercial investment property, please contact us!


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