Dog Friendly Condos in the Smokies!

If you aren't a dog fan, you may want to stop reading here.  My wife Karen says that I would sooner part with her than with my dog Jake and that simply isn't true, but he is VERY special.  I could bore you to death with how wonderful Jake is but I won't today - Maybe in a different post.  What is frustrating for pet lovers like myself is that many communities and lodging options are restricted and simply don't allow man's best friend to be present.  This is particularly true of Gatlinburg area condo communities that often tend to be anti-dog (and even anti-pet for that matter).  I recently did find a great dog friendly condominium community at "The Woodlands" in Gatlinburg.  They allow dogs and don't even have a size restriction!  There are currently three Woodlands units listed for sale by area realtors.  Now for the really good news - We have the only foreclosure condo unit listed there.  If you know of other area condo developments that DO allow dogs like Jake, please let me know.
Yes, this is Our Wonderful Jake!!
And the Face Shot!


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