When You Truly Want Only THE Very Best!!!

Only once in a very long while do we have the privilege of listing a truly phenomenal Smoky Mountain real estate property. Almost always, homes represent some degree of compromise. You may find a house with a truly incredible view, but the home is in the middle of nowhere in a location that is less than desirable. Another possibility is that we are offering a property that has the benefits of a resort location (pool, clubhouse, tennis, etc.) but the units are so close that you can shake hands with your neighbor without either of you leaving your own porch. Maybe we are offering a great home with a wonderful view but the floor plan is so cramped that staying for more than 24 hours threatens to give you hives. Most houses are indeed compromises of one sort or another.

And then comes this home which has NO compromises whatsoever! "Star Dancer" is a log look (offering the benefits of log construction without all of the hassles) three master suite with four full baths and one half bath home that has a truly incredible view AND the privacy that only a nearly one ACRE lot can provide. Utility water, swimming pools, tennis, reasonable association fees and restrictions but not another house in your face, or anywhere too close for that matter. Don't trust our word for it, check out all of the details via this link. If you want to rent this amazing home, check it out via the excellent website that Jackson Mountain Homes uses to rent "Star Dancer" over 300 nights a year, producing a superb rental income for the owners! But don't wait too long to make a reservation, this house is booked solid and is on track to generate over $80,000 in gross rentals again this year!


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